Friday, November 01, 2013

Odds and Ends

Cold weather, rain in West Michigan. Not much going on a the shop. Had someone stop in this morning, bought a piece of metal yard art and then asked to copy some of my wooden folk art fish and owls, took pictures and traced them out on tag board. John is working outside with his hand saw, hammer and nails. Here he is repairing our vehicle, re-attaching the tail pipe with a coat hanger. I told him he looked very manly crawling under a car, thus the pic. 
All maples aren't equal. The one on the road side of our house turns a beautiful red and then loses its leaves the next day. On the river side, the leaves cling for weeks. Here it is.
We took pizza and potato salad out to see Sarah, John and the kids the other night. Here's John, Grand Rapids police lieutenant, demonstrating his new night arrows with a light that lasts for the nanosecond it takes to release and land---no more lost arrows in the night.