Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Never A Dull Moment

So Sunday we're sitting near the back in the eleven o'clock church service. Barely is our new minister into his sermon when an associate minister approaches him and announces to the congregation that we're being dismissed. The minister isn't buying it even though the associate insists that it's in our church bylaws that no function can continue if there is a tornado watch. So the minister turns to the congregation and asks if we want to go home, and despite our formal church atmosphere, people are shouting NO, so we carry on. When we arrive home and turn on the TV we learn that the tornado watch has ended but high winds are on the way. So we head for the Gardens and spend more than an hour madly securing our yard art inside buildings just before the torrential rain begins. When we returned on Monday morning we found branches all over and some of the things we had left outside blown over by the wind. An adirondack chair in a dozen pieces was scattered about in our neighbor's parking lot. The most notable sign of the storm was a large limb shown above that had penetrated the roof and the ceiling of the barn porch. It's hardly worth noting in comparison to the devastation in Illinois, and we've now learned that 2 lives in Michigan were lost due to the storm and many properties damaged far worse than our little incident. Below is John beginning the process of repair.
A week earlier we were in Greensboro, NC, visiting Laura and Bob.  Here they are with John inside the boat at the marina at Lake Jeannette near their home. It was a beautiful day and a wonderful ride around the large lake.