Monday, November 25, 2013

Teenager Taking Flight

I sometimes think I practically raised this girl. It's not true, but with parents separated, then divorced and both working full time, she spent a lot of time with me---good times. Then at five she started school only a mile away from the shop. I often picked her up in the early years and by middle school, she began walking and hanging around until one of her parents stopped by for her. There were so many times she stayed overnight in those early years, and what fun we had. Now she's grown up---just left her job at the Dollar store where she worked more than a year (since her 16th birthday) to work as a  hostess at a nice restaurant downtown. A senior in high school, Kayla's a good kid with a very decent steady boyfriend and is mighty eager to graduate. Here are 2 pics, one playful, the other her movie-star self.