Friday, April 19, 2013

Water Rising and Blowing Snow

I just read online that the little town of Lowell, some 10 miles east of Grand Rapids, will be flooded in the next day or so, and the basements of many of the buildings downtown are flooded. Then today it started snowing, blowing so hard it looked like a blizzard. We try to put everything in perspective. Last evening when we brought our freezer/refrigerator perishables to Carlton's house, Kayla greeted us with concern about the flood, but then she pulled me aside to show me her beautiful fingernails, done at a salon in preparation for Saturday's high school prom. Things like that are more important than a flooded house. Yesterday afternoon when we were kayaking down Abrigador Trail, a Press photographer in waders snapped a picture and interviewed us. So here we are  in an online article in the Grand Rapids Press (MLive), the pic below by Cory Morse.