Friday, April 19, 2013


I regularly check the FREE section on Craigslist and have posted some things there myself. Today I posted FREE WATER, with the title and caption you see below. Responses are posted below and they're still coming.

UPDATE: I received this notice last night: This posting has been flagged for removal.
Please be sure to comply with posted guidelines and the CL TOU:

I knew it would happen but I didn't expect it so soon. It was fun while it lasted.

Water--all you can haul away (Abrigador Trail, Comstock Park)

Bring buckets and barrels and gallon milk jugs. Absolutely Free. Pure Michigan water, slightly tainted.
  • best post I have seen in awhile :) Hope you make it through this okay will be keeping you and your family in our prayers       Carolyn
  • You're funny! Lol     Lisa
  • If I had a boat and could get there, I would be glad to haul some away.  I'm glad you have a sense of humor and can keep things in perspective.  At least no-one died.  Clyde Park Ave is well under water, about a block from my house.  In the grand scheme of things, wishing you blessings!     Thomas
  • Very funny.  Good sense of humor.     AM
  • Hilarious, you just made my day.  Thank you     Laurie
  • This just made my day! Thank you! Haha!   jg
  • Glad to see you can have a sense of humor about it, thanks for the laugh ;-). Feel for you, been there done that.     Don
  • You are my hero for posting this.   B831
  • U crack me up dude     Michael
  • Do you deliver? :)   John
  • I'm glad to see that your spirits are so good....!!!   Lance
  • Love it, great sense of humor. Pray it stops raining.    3754
  • This is the greatest ad I've ever seen on Craigslist. Well done! All my Facebook friends love it too. :)     John
  • I am so sorry for you. I lived in FL. and we went through a flood. It is so hard. My prayers are with you. It will get better. I love your ad and pictures.  Thanks.  GB you. Pat 
  • I will take 20
    Ounces  :) happy Friday just grin and bare it!