Thursday, April 18, 2013

Leaving the Flood Behind

Late this afternoon, with the rain tapering off, we decided to kayak down the road along Abrigador Trail and see how the neighbors were doing. When we got to the end, we turned up to dry ground (which is the only other entrance to the trail besides the road that leads up and out right near out house). Anyway, when we arrived there was a big commotion with the power company up on a lift turning off all our electricity. It keeps our homes much safer, but with that news, we decided to turn around and go back home immediately and get everything upstairs and off the floor. After 3 hours of back-breaking work, we were done. John and Carlton will go back in tomorrow morning and and raise the piano 6 inches higher and get the china cabinet and buffet up; then we'll be all set. The only things that may be ruined are appliances, and we'll bite the bullet on that. Here are some pics of everything stacked high in  house and our sunset departure.