Thursday, April 18, 2013

Chilling out in the Flood!

I sit here in my study and see the river that is supposed to be 50 feet away, now only 10 feet away coming under our deck. Things are starting to go by (just saw a good sized blue plastic boat, though no houses or sheds yet). They are now predicting it will go just shy of 19 feet, which would mean a foot of water on our floors. I'm hoping it all hype.  Here is a pic outside our deck that faces north. You see Don's car right in the middle of the road. Sure wish he would have gotten it out early. We always feel bad for neighbors---even when they do dumb things. They feel bad for us when we do dumb things. We kayaked down stream a dozen houses this morning to our cottage and put a lot more of Alex's things up high. We're really hoping to spare her a lot of loss, though at this point I feel certain that the floor there will have at least a foot of water.