Friday, July 06, 2012

Family Good Times

Like everyone else in the Midwest we've been struggling with severe drought and 100+ degree temps this week, though no storms to knock out our electricity. Laura and Bob left this morning, having spent the week with us so the time has flown by quickly with all the family get-togethers and a good time at Lake Michigan on the 4th. Here is John with Laura and Bob in front of the chapel.

Today Kayla dropped by the Gardens. She didn't have to work today and she has her own car so she just stopped by to hang out with her grandparents. How cool is that! I always feared when she was little that the good times would end when she became a teenager and got too sophisticated for the old folks. But so far she enjoys our company. So also with Mitch, Ashley and Zach. Here is Kayla by the gecho gazebo.