Friday, April 20, 2012

Potty Humor

John writes in his journal every day. My journal is this blog and I often go back to look up a particular event or date. So what I write is often personal. If you're reading this and don't like potty humor---or potty humor that isn't funny, click on your local weather and see what tomorrow has in store for you. In my last post I mentioned my upcoming  kidney stone surgery (scheduled for May 2). Yesterday I was feeling lousy with lower abdominal pain, and I went to the potty, hoping a pee would help. I tried, nothing, then a sudden sharp pain, and a flood. After I'd done my business, I looked into the potty and there, sure enough, was a little jagged stone almost twice the size of a BB. I reached in (without flushing), picked it out with my fingers, put it in a small plastic bag, delivered it to my surgeon's office this morning (to be analyzed) and asked that the surgery be cancelled. I'm feeling almost giddy about it, though I still have pain. The tube through which the stone traveled is too small for that size stone and apparently tore into me all the way down. (My doctor calls me a stone-maker---sure wish they were valuable! Despite a low-oxalate diet and drinking lots of water and cranberry juice, I make stones. I've never gotten rid of one this way, however. I've become a bit of an expert on "kidney-stone" anatomy---this one, according to an x-ray, lodged high in the ureter, where the doctor would have gone for it, had it not passed into the bladder and become lodged again in the urethra before it ended up in the potty.)