Saturday, April 14, 2012

Stuff Happens

From an overall standpoint life is very good. My problems are few compared to so many others. Yesterday a woman stopped by the shop and she confided how her husband had been sent to jail for dishonest business dealings and how embarrassing that was to her. I can relate to that in a past life, but surely not now. Yet, there are always minor eruptions. We have a contractor to whom we had given a downpayment for work, and he called yesterday saying he's declaring bankruptcy and that we'll be put on a long list of creditors. My computer burned up---didn't actually catch on fire, but it overheated to the point of frying everything inside it. I lost documents, but fortunately most things were backed up. Buying and setting up a new computer (Apple) is never fun, requiring a lot of unnecessary trips to the Apple Store, and in the end, because they did me wrong, they gave me a free $150 program. Tax deadline is Monday, and that's always a stressful time, with a complicated business, etc. Besides that, I'm scheduled for kidney stone surgery. Bummer! But all in all, I have won the lottery of life. People next door and around the world are struggling with real problems.