Friday, February 27, 2009

Mr. Jimmy of Plains

On our way to Florida with Granddaughter Kayla we stopped in Plains, Georgia. John and I had been there previously for the Christmas Parade (Mr. Jimmy offering the greeting and prayer), but we wanted to show Kayla around. Turns out that Mr. Jimmy was teaching Sunday School, so we stayed overnight in Americus and got in line for his class at 8:30. He was animated and in good form and looks much younger than this picture suggests.This photo was taken after church; people lined up for pictures and a church volunteer snapped 2 or 3 a minutes so it went fast. I was inclined to let it go, but Kayla wanted a picture to show her teacher (since she was skipping school 4 days) and the rule was that the whole family had to go or none at all. I look kind of happy---probably because no president had ever before put his arm around me. John looks a bit miffed.