Saturday, February 28, 2009


When we were in Florida last week we explored State Parks, and now that we have a taste of them we plan to do more exploring on future visits to the Sunshine state. Neither one of us are big-time beach people in part because so many of the beaches are crowded---might as well go to the Mall of America. We had time for day visits only except for the Edward Ball Wakulla State Park where we stayed at the lodge for 2 nights and took 2 boat trips, seeing all kinds of birds and alligators and Manitees close up.

Here is a photo of me hiking at Torreya in the midst of all the greenery and another one of me swimming at the "Fountain of Youth" at Ponce de Leon Springs. I came out of the clear cold water and felt at least a week or two younger!

Another great state park in northern Florida was Falling Waters. On the way home we stopped briefly at Oak Mountain State Park in Alabama and are hoping to get back there and stay in a cabin next month.