Wednesday, August 06, 2008


I'm still "doctoring" with the dog bite. Yesterday my doctor prescribed another round of high-dosage antibiotics and pain pills for the shooting needle pain in my leg. He also has ordered an MRI through a local Wound Clinic, fearing that the infection might have gotten to bone. In the meantime I try to keep up on my writing. This will be forever in my memory as the summer of the dog bite--even as 12 years ago will never be forgotten as the summer of my mental illness, but that's another story. Actually I was functionally mentally ill (my own diagnosis; shrinks were not in the picture). I say that because I got a ton of work done (despite terrible depression and only 2-3 hours of sleep at night). That's a lot better than staring at walls and sleeping the months away as was the case with a friend. The cause of my depression? Everything that could go wrong seemed to go wrong all in the matter of a few months. So, it seemed circumstantial , but I believe it had a "clinical" side to it. As with most such depression that I've read about, it gradually went away as time passed (and as circumstances improved in the fall).

As bad as that time was, however, it was ho-hum compared to the terrible ordeal I more recently endured for 3 years, as I tell in "My Calvin Seminary Story."