Wednesday, July 23, 2008


I wrote the following to a friend today--an update on the dog bit and more details about the Toronto conference of Christians for Biblical Equality:

I went to my doctor yesterday regarding the dog bite. He is very concerned and put me on a very strong antibiotic. I will see him again tomorrow. He may have to dig into it and if that doesn't work, the next step is admitting me for IV antibiotics.

Along with 19 others, I was honored with a Life-time Achievement Award. If you're over 50, clothed and in your right mind, you get one! Everyone gave a little speech. One gentleman told how people sometimes tell him how his books have transformed their lives. So when my turn came I said that someone said to me the previous evening that my book transformed her life. When I asked her which one it was, she said "Gender and Grace." True story. Mary Stewart Van Leeuwen [the actual author] was in the crowd so it added to the humorous touch.

I gave my plenary session on Friday night. My best lines were as follows, on Anne Marie Javouhey, b. 1779.

When her Bishop appealed to the Archbishop, Anne-Marie fought back:

"I am not only the Superior General of the Congregation of St. Joseph of Cluny; I did not merely cooperate in the foundation of that Order; I am its sole and solitary foundress. I am its Mother General as God is its Father, since it is I who created and have developed it." So just get your fat ass out of my domain! No. Strike that from your notes. I’m getting a little carried away. “I am its Mother,” she said, “as God is its Father, since I created it.” Strong words, nevertheless.

Hey, I'll do anything for a laugh.

Now here's something for your grandkids. Give them a little math problem: The farmer has twenty-sick sheep one one dies, how many did he have left. They'll answer 25 every time (especially if you slur your words a bit).