Thursday, August 14, 2008


As a church historian I know well the stories of torture and persecution--and not just way back in history. Such continues today. I've often wondered how faithful I would be in the face of torture. This morning I spent much of an hour contemplating that. I was scheduled for an MRI and learned after I was flat on my back on a metal table that the procedure takes about an hour. I never sleep on my back because of the discomfort it causes me---with my low back problems. Here I was unable to move for an hour, and to make matters worse something went wrong with one of the images so they had to leave me under the machine for anothr 10 minutes. I wondered how long it would take before I would deny the Lord just to be set free! The MRI was one more step in this long dog-bite ordeal. Hopefully, with the proper treatment, my leg will heal.