Sunday, December 16, 2007

The Story Keeps on Going

Every week new people keep finding "My Calvin Seminary Story." I might have thought it would have died within a year. Today, I received 2 emails, one from a former Calvin College student and one from a former student of mine. Here are some excerpts from the latter:

I just read your blog about your experiences at CTS. I can't tell you how disappointed and saddened I am that you had to go through that experience. I was touched by your honesty and openness in sharing the particulars of your ordeal. . . . I have to say that I think it’s laughable that the administrators at CTS suggested that you need to gain a reputation for godliness. Obviously I don’t know to what they were referring, but from what I know of you and from what you relate in your blog, nothing about you smacks of ungodliness. Rather, everything about you suggests that you are someone who in your commitment to Christ is passionate about the truth and you are a woman who is unafraid to speak your mind. If that is not what they wanted, then they should never have hired you in the first place. And if that is why they wanted to let you go, then they should have just said so. . . . I would propose that they might need to regain their own reputation for godliness. They can start that process by taking a stand for the truth, removing the silencing clause and offering you a redress. I do hope they do so, even if you would not be willing to teach there again.