Thursday, January 11, 2007

BANNER Covers for Sid

There has been a retraction in the BANNER. It turns out that Sid Jansma, Jr. did not really tell Gayla Postma that I was “awarded back wages.” So what did he tell her? Why did she get the information so boggled? How do you screw up “awarded back wages”? Perhaps it was just a simple error. Maybe he said:

appealed for back wages
awaited back wages
Or, we evaded back wages
couldn’t afford back wages

Or, perhaps he was revealing the heretofore unspecified dark secret about me to which he has previously alluded. He leaned over with a hushed whisper in her ear. (You know how that goes.) She hears “awarded back wages” when he actually whispered:

extorted cash payoff
aborted bastard baby
snorted crack cocaine

Ah, the mysteries continue.

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