Tuesday, January 23, 2007

BANNER Apologizes for Errors

The most recent online edition of the BANNER carries a letter to the editor from me and an apology for its own errors here.

Yesterday I received a letter from the seminary board president, Sid Jansma, Jr., stating he did not tell Gayla Postma that I was awarded back wages. I wrote to Gayla today, in reference to Sid: "Did he say the following, as it was reported?"

"When allegations were made that discrimination was happening, it didn't take the board officers 10 seconds to get a group together to find out, because if there was, we would put an end to it right there," said Sid Jansma Jr., president of the board. "We made a point that this was not swept under the rug, that this was aired in front of everyone."

The reason I enquired is because it is false in both its parts. Gayla wrote back: "I stand behind my story as written, with the exception of the correction we have already printed."

So some of the falsehoods are still on the books.