Tuesday, September 05, 2017

Remembering the 100-Year Flood

With the terrible flooding in Houston and elsewhere in Texas, I'm reminded of the Grand River flood in the spring of 2013. Of course, there's no comparison. Even without flood insurance, we managed okay, doing most of the repair work ourselves. But many people in Grand Rapids lost almost everything---especially poorer people whose homes had never before flooded. They were made vulnerable (as were many in Houston) because box stores and high-rise buildings with huge parking lots did not have proper drainage. Such folks are sitting ducks when the torrential rains come. Here are some pics showing the front of our house, the side yard, and John hard at work. And here are 20 photos collected by the Grand Rapids Press, titled "20 most dramatic images from the historic Grand River flood." Scroll down six to see John and me kayaking down Abrigador Trail