Monday, September 11, 2017

Family Together in Spooner

We all met at the home place this past weekend---the 5 of us "kids," plus spouses and friends. We range in age from David, soon to be 78, Jeannine, 75, yours truly 72, Jonnie 70, and Kathy, 63. We're all in good health and feel younger than we are.

John and I arrived early which gave us a chance to get out to the farm, where I spent a bit of alone time sitting in a camp chair writing some memories of childhood. After a time John came up behind me and snapped this picture.

Below is the front of the barn, with brother Jonnie's cords of wood. There should be a high barn behind these buildings, but it has fallen in on itself, as seen from the back.

dinner at the riverside picnic area
largest tree on the farm
ride with Jonnie on ATV

five siblings from oldest to youngest
family, minus Ginny snapping the pic