Saturday, August 26, 2017

Was he fired, or did he resign?

This evening I was reading Slate Magazine online and was amused  by Daniel Politi's article titled, "Sebastian Gorka Worked Hard to Make it Sound Like His Firing Was a Resignation." It's such a typical reaction to being fired.

I always think back to my being fired from Calvin Theological Seminary. I was given a terminal appointment---meaning I was terminated, in other words, fired. However, after I went public with my story, quoting from documents that proved I was fired, the administration went public claiming I resigned---that I quit. What a crock!

I wish more people would step up to the plate and state publicly that they have been fired---especially those who have been fraudulently fired---fired on false charges. Likewise, I would think that anyone fired by Trump should regard it a badge of honor.

Here are three other Trump Administration examples of being fired---or resigning: 

Steve Bannon "told others the decision was entirely his; while senior administration officials said he was ousted." Similar situations with Reince Priebus and Anthony Scaramucci. They all should man up and publicly say they've been fired.