Monday, August 28, 2017

A 13th Anniversary and Anti-Semitism

Today marks our 13th anniversary, and what a ride it has been. He is the best husband I ever could have snatched---everything and more I could have dreamed of having in a husband. Here he is, as so often in the evening, enjoying a beer and a back-lit sunset. We were up in Bay View again yesterday and today enjoying this big airy room we were upgraded to for no extra cost.

Below is the story of anti-Semitism.

We took our Sunday morning bike ride on the trail heading northeast, and this time decided to take a little detour through the small town of Oden on Route 31 along Crooked Lake. We discovered a half-mile-long sidewalk along the lake bordered by beautiful homes. Then we noticed this massive tree trunk and a woman in the yard walking her dog. So we asked about the tree, which is a story in itself. But the bigger story is that the whole community along the lake (pictured below) was established by Jewish residents who were not permitted to reside in the very upscale community of Harbor Springs on Little Traverse Bay several miles away. So this little community was settled by default on the basis of ugly bigotry. Harbor Springs is truly a spectacular town---with a shameful history---where we often sit in the park eating our lunch. We'll never look at that beauty with the same eyes again.