Sunday, July 03, 2016

How to Fire A Subordinate

Today in the Sunday paper I saw the headline on the Harriette Cole advice column: "Reader needs help with firing receptionist." The reader signs off as "You're Fired" from Memphis. The answer seems obvious, a great big duuuhhh:

Dear You're Fired: I think you have skipped a step. Before firing your receptionist, you must talk to her. Point out that you have noticed a change in her behavior. Provide the list of incidents that have caused your concern. Ask her what is going on with her. . . . Give her a 30-90-day probationary period with a list of expectations that she is to meet in order to keep her job.

When I was fired at Calvin Theological Seminary, it was much closer to a Donald Trump, "You're Fired," than the simple and obvious advice of Cole. There was no warning, no probationary period, simply a new administration that wanted me out of there. They ignored protocol and broke all their own  rules and they essentially got away with it----at least that's what they thought. I'm not so sure they did. One day I'll write another memoir on "My Calvin Seminary Story" and it will be more than a blog.