Thursday, June 30, 2016

Back to Teaching

I've been asked a number of times if I'll ever go back to teaching. No. I'm way too old. But since last week I'm back on the job. Actually tutoring is a more accurate term. Every month (sometimes more) we go up north where I visit an incarcerated boy whom I've known all his life. Last week he told me he wanted to study world religions and then write his own "book" on the subject. He asked that I send material and then when I come up next time we can begin working on the manuscript. I sent material a couple of days ago and today I'm planning to get out another package. He has a great attitude despite his surroundings.   I wish our criminal justice system offered more activities and education for offenders. Most are not nearly as motivated as is this young man. He's now on a short and boring "summer vacation" and is eager for school to begin again in July.