Friday, February 26, 2016

Black and White Bible

The full title is Black and White Bible, Black and Blue Wife: My Story of Finding Hope after Domestic Abuse. Anyone interested can click on The book will not be released until March 1, but reviews have already started coming in from some who were sent advanced copies. So far they have been very favorable, but I fully expect a good thrashing from those who live and die by the doctrine of male headship in marriage.

Here are some sentences from three of the early reviewers:

“A gut wrenching memoir by professor and writer Ruth Tucker on domestic violence in the church. . . . Truly, this is a difficult book to read, but it's also a difficult one to put down. . . . This book is highly recommended . . . piercing, passionate, and worth a study.”

“A heart-wrenching story but brilliantly shared. I felt like I was on a journey with the author as she revealed some of the most intimate and deep parts of her life while looking at what the bible said about marriage and headship. This is well worth a read!”

"I was incredibly blessed by your personal story, your empathy and insights, and your Socratic approach, which I found refreshing."

UPDATE---Today's headline---"Kansas shooting: Sheriff believes protection order sparked carnage"---though hardly a headline because it has become so routine. Why don't they call it "Domestic Terrorism." I was never shot but I lived with domestic terrorism. The article doesn't say why the man was served with a protection order but such orders certainly don't bring protection, as I knew very well.

(CNN)Ninety minutes before he opened fire in central Kansas, Cedric Ford got served a protection from abuse order -- an act a local sheriff thinks led him to kill three people and wound 16 others.