Wednesday, July 15, 2015

When the System Works and When it Doesn't

 Two checks came in the mail this week, one for $7500, the other for $264.64. We were most pleased with the latter. The first was, as I knew right away, "another obvious mistake," quoting my editor in an email to the person in charge of cutting the check. I'm supposed to send it back. Turns out it was for a woman whose last name is Tucker and first name begins with R. The second one is repayment for theft, the fourth and by far the largest payment we've gotten. Back in the day, some years ago when we owned a houseboat, and kept it at the Hardy Dam Marina, Justin Richard Opper decided to steal a bunch of marine batteries from the sterns of our boats. Good news is he got caught and per a law suit "People VS Justin Richard Opper," he's been paying back. We didn't get everything he owed us, but far more than we ever expected, especially when you consider lawyer fees. Hope you've learned a lesson Justin Richard Opper! Here's the old boat, now belonging to new owners.