Friday, July 17, 2015

A Birthday, a Lost Dog and Long-lost Friend!

I'm celebrating the big 7-0 today, though in dog years around 10. I actually feel a lot older than that, maybe around 49, but am proud to be 70. Three days ago, Carlton was driving 28th Street, the busy strip in Grand Rapids, and saw a dog caught in the middle with cars flying two abreast going both ways. He stopped traffic and got the dog in his car, no collar, no ID at all. So we started checking Craigslist lost and found and other cites, nothing. In the meantime, Carlton is falling head over heals for the dog. This morning he stopped by the Gardens and again "Tank" jumped out of his car and bounced around, always staying close to Carlton. Again I went in to Craigslist. Then I saw this new listing. Carlton was heartbroken. He called the number and confirmed that his dog was indeed Toulah. So he headed over to the house, a few miles from here, to return the family pet. In the meantime, I called the same number, telling the woman what a wonderful dog she had and how much my son loved it, asking if she might sell it. She said it was a family dog and couldn't. I asked if she had ever considered selling, and that is when she began crying, saying that yes she had thought of giving it away because they work and have a 2-year old son and another dog, and it's just too much. She said she would not sell but would give to a good home. I raved about Carlton, and told her how his out-of-town sales were now past and he was staying closer by overseeing all his properties. After I hung up, I caught Carlton before he got to her house. He was was choked up, could hardly talk----and shocked by what I was telling him. "You mean she'd give me Tank?" I said no; she won't give you Tank, but she will give you Toulah. So when he got there, Toulah stuck close to him and wouldn't even go to her. Carlton promised to stop by as often as she'd like. I had told her on the phone that when she comes to the Gardens there's a gift-certificate waiting for her.

Now, my other birthday gift. My long-lost friend Steph from Black Earth, Wisconsin, emailed yesterday saying she and her daughter decided on a last-miute drive to  enjoy the west coast of Michigan, and would like to come to Grand Rapids to see us (where Steph lived for 4 years). What an absolute delight to see her. It's been 4 years or more, and we picked up where we left off as though we've never parted. I love her to death!! Here she is with daughter Chelsea in the wonderful hat.