Thursday, January 09, 2014

Armadillos and Things

We spent a good part of our day driving through Mississippi, some of the time bickering over whether or not we should turn on the air conditioning. (John prevailed and we turned it off.) Hard to believe that just yesterday morning we were shoveling snow in sub-zero temps. Right now we're at a Days Inn right outside Lafayette, LA. We spent the last several hours some 30 miles south of here at Lake Fausse Pointe State Park. It's a nice spot and we did some hiking before driving north and having dinner in the wonderful little southern town of St. Martinsville. We are mindful all along the way of the low elevation of Louisiana and the likelihood of the state and other gulf states of getting hit with more major storms. Whether global warming or climate change or God's wrath against gay marriage (as some preachers have said), the next decades are not likely to be kind to coastal regions, red states and blue states alike. As we were hiking in the state park, I came across this little fellow and was reminded of when I was in college in Texas and some of the guys somehow got an armadillo into my room. Sure surprised me when I walked in. I imagine, though I'm forgetting at the moment, that I must have played some sort of practical joke on them. Armadillos are among the early mammals, having been around for perhaps tens of millions of years; the female gives birth to quadruplets all of the same sex