Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Interstate 57 Demolition Derby

This morning we left the house at 6:40, stopping at the shop to shovel and then on the road to Texas for hiking in the Chisos Mountains. Alex will mind the shop and watch over our house while we're gone. The roads were okay in Michigan and Indiana, but Illinois was a different matter. Vehicles were in the ditch for a stretch of nearly a hundred miles. I counted 9 in the space of a mile, thinking that was a lot. But then we went on further and there were some 16 trucks and cars in the ditch in the space of less than two blocks, fortunately few of them crashing into each other. We had to slow down to pass, and only after that did I think to get out the camera. Here are a few shots but they look mild compared to what we had seen earlier. The semi-truck above is turned nearly180 degrees in the wrong direction. Tonight we're staying south of Memphis--will spend a night or two in Louisiana before heading on to Big Bend National Park.