Friday, September 06, 2013

Fast Start to September

We've had incredible weather here in West Michigan this past week, long days that keep us busy from dawn to nightfall. I painted Labor Day weekend and besides that we biked 30 miles on Monday through 4 of our large parks and explored new trails, taking our lunch with us. We kayaked after we returned home and then were joined by Carlton and Kayla for a hike, all the while snatching time for painting. We've been hiking every evening this week and tonight we'll stay overnight at the loft here at the Gardens and bike one of our favorite trails after we close up. Yesterday I met for lunch with my editor at Baker Books and this morning I signed another contract. It's been in the works since late spring but it takes time for the process to get this far. Here are my paintings of this past week; John cut out the fish boards, I cut out the owl.