Monday, July 15, 2013

Michigan Summer

A lot has happened since I last posted in June----finished an index on one book, settled on title for another book, and completed a proposal for still another. Also family activities with Laura and Bob here from NC for a few days. John celebrated his birthday on Saturday with a little surprise cake and ice cream from siblings who showed up unannounced. Good time, though I was distracted with customers. Then in the evening we took in our traditional White Caps game at Fifth Third Ball Park (a mile from our house) with Carlton and Kayla. July 13 is for me only secondarily John's birthday. More significantly it is the day in 1974 that I gave birth to a 9 lb., 12 oz. son, less that 2 hours after I had ridden to the hospital a mile away ON MY BIKE. But that's another story. Here is a pic of Mitch with  broken arm, Ashley and Zach together on the hammock. They'd be scrapping were it not for their phones! Also a pic of daughters Sarah and Laura.