Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Old-time River Rat

Here is our next-door neighbor Geoff pulling himself across his yard with a rope on a makeshift raft. He moves easily from his very upscale "tree house" to his house. His dogs ride along with him. But not for long, the water is going down fairly fast, and we hope to be able to drive to our house (through 10 inches of water in low spots) by Saturday evening. Then the hard work begins, though only if they turn the power back on.

We got emails today saying the press photographer's photo of us kayaking Abrigador Trail was among the "Top Twenty" flood pictures for Grand Rapids region, and the picture was also published in the Washington Post (under "Photos of the Day"), the Detroit Free Press, the Denver Post, and an Indianapolis paper---even made the online Daily Mail in the UK. Gee, I guess that means we're famous!