Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Railing at Jerks!

Railing at jerks who leave behind their trash is a waste of energy. Even if I caught them redhanded they would no doubt ignore me. A better response that John and I seek to put in practice is picking up trash on a regular basis---especially when we are on vacation. Today after spending more than an hour at the computer we went for a drive and came across a wonderful little park right here in Biloxi. We hiked out on a ribbon of a peninsula into a large backwater lake only to find trash along the trail. So we spent 20 minutes each picking up several recycled grocery bags full. Above I am stooped over grabbing a few last things left in the parking area. I would feel fantastic if I could encourage even one person to take up this past-time and to pass it on to someone else. We actually enjoy it, knowing we are doing some little thing to give back to the environment. We always keep garden gloves and recycled bags in the car, and that's all it takes, plus a bottle of hand sanitizer. Here is John on a walkway out into the backwater, and below is the entry sign.