Thursday, March 07, 2013

Goodbye to Biloxi

Tomorrow morning we'll be on our way home after a very productive week of writing as well as a lot of good hiking and biking. We've been staying here at the Quality Inn, which we got at a reduced $60/day rate due to our 5-day stay. I have a lot more writing to do on our long trip tomorrow, and we'll be stopping in Kentucky to pick up some hand-made merchandise to sell at the Gardens. As soon as we arrive home on Saturday (unless we decide to drive straight through for 16 hours), John will visit Mom and pick up some groceries. On Sunday morning we'll be at church (John serving communion), joined by Carlton and Kayla if all goes as planned. Our minister of many years ago from Fifth Reformed Church is now an interim pastor at our downtown church, and Carlton has been eager to come with us and reconnect with him. Here are a couple snaps of where we are staying, one looking out our door to the Gulf. We're on the second floor, and we learned today that the ocean surge from Katrina came up a foot into our room. It's almost impossible to comprehend that as we look out.