Monday, February 11, 2013

Florida Caverns

Yesterday morning we left chilly Grand Rapids behind for a little trip south. Dear friend Alex is watching over the house, and the shop is covered as well. Twelve hours of traveling was a good first day on the road, especially since I got more than 1500 words written for my latest contracted book. John interrupts often and adds some reflections on what I'm writing. He drove the whole way except for a few hours of mostly rain when I took the wheel. Today we crossed into Florida shortly after 1 pm and stopped by Florida Caverns State Park. What fun that turned out to be---a great guide, and only 12 other people taking the tour. The price ($21 for both of us) was a real bargain for the 45-minute tour through some fantastic formations. It was also fun hearing about how FDR's Civilian Conservation Corp did all the work, the guys being paid $20/mo., $15 of which had to be sent home to the family. They dug out floors and paths, crawling through spaces only 2 feet high. If you're ever near Marianna, FL, in the panhandle near route 10, take an hour for the tour.