Tuesday, February 14, 2012

St. Joseph in Macon, Georgia

So we're driving south on Hwy 75 and decide to spend Valentine's night in Macon. I've been working on my book, computer on my lap, all day---working on Joseph (husband of Mary). We get into downtown Macon and what do we see but an incredibly beautiful church: St. Joseph's Catholic Church. The front doors are locked so we slip around to the side and discover that we are in the middle of a Latin Mass, with no way of escape. So we sit through to the end. 

On the way out we inquire about in-town lodging, preferably an old hotel. Turns out the only one is very pricey---well over $200, they say. We stop by just to see what such a fancy place is like. The owner meets us at the door, thinking we are reserved guests. When she realizes we are poor folks coming through from Michigan, she offers us a room for $149. Hey, it's Valentine's Day, so here we are at the 1842 Inn--not the address but the year it was established! We've just enjoyed some wonderful 
hors d'oeuvres and are headed for a walk around town.