Saturday, May 08, 2010

Teen "Dating"

Today I was at Carlton Gardens and a customer came in and as I was checking her out we began chatting. Turns out, her son is "dating" my not-yet-14 year old granddaughter. She said it casually, and I responded: DATING!!! I was too stunned to say anything more. Kayla learned from her new boyfriend about the conversation and called me, apologizing for not having told me sooner. She said she was too nervous to do so. I've calmed down by now. So far their dating has meant spending time together at recess, attending a church Bible study together twice, going to a skating party last night (both dropped off by their parents) and her going to his church last Sunday (with Carlton) to listen to him play his guitar in the praise band. His mother is a nice lady---a graduate of Calvin College, music dept., and now teaching music at a charter school. She says she (as well as her son) has know Kayla since kindergarten and thinks highly of her. I know other kids date in 8th grade, and Carlton had "dates" in 8th grade. But she's my little girl. I guess I have to get used to it.