Friday, April 30, 2010


I keep wishing I could slow down and just read a good novel, but every day is too packed full. Actually, I just did "read" a good novel on CD last weekend. T.C. Boyle's Drop City. We both say it's the best book we've ever listened to, but we often say that. The backdrop for the book was a fast trip out to New Haven, CT. I was speaking out there and John came along as my "designated driver," as he says. It was a rushed trip because on our way out of town we stopped to see John's Mom and found her not feeling well. Fortunately, while we were there, John's sister came. The upshot is that she was hospitalized later that day with a pelvic stress fracture and is now in a nursing home. Her independent living has come to an end now in her 95th year. It's sad, but it's for the best. We're having an incredibly wonderful spring here in West Michigan---managed to get a little kayaking and biking in today, amid all our other activities.

"Calvin News" announced today that the Seminary had named a new president: Julius Medenblik. The announcement was not supposed to come out until next week, but because most of us had known through the grapevine for a week or so, they decided to officially announce it. I don't know him. The lame duck president, Neal Plantinga, says he's "an ecclesiastical entrepreneur"--- whatever that means. Past presidents have been theologians.