Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Water, Water Everywhere--Enough Already!

This is the front of our house. We think the flood has now crested, but we've been fooled several times in the past few days. Right now the reading is 15.17 feet, more than 3 feet over the 12 ft. flood stage (which is the level of the road). Today we got up to beautiful sunshine---that, after the forecasters had proclaimed this the cloudiest December on record.

This photo looks off our deck on to the mighty Grand River. Last night we went a dozen houses down river in our waders to our retreat house cottage which is almost 2 feet lower than our house. We put everything up on blocks (including the piano) just in case the water comes in. We're leaving tomorrow to visit friends and vacation in Texas.

The predictions show the water dropping below flood stage by Sunday and to continue to go down after that. We would have canceled everything if the water were planning to stay real high---and we might be back early. I'll be checking the flood website several times a day and we'll be keeping close contact with our neighbors. When we walk in the 3 ft. deep water on the road we use ski poles that poke into the ice that we're walking on; otherwise we're in kayaks. Yes, that's me!