Friday, December 26, 2008

Another Winter Flood

It's nail-biting season on the Grand River in Comstock Park. This is the second time in 2008 that we're having a flood. It's less than 2 feet over the road in the deepest areas, so ho-hum, EXCEPT for the fact that we're supposed to get temps in the 50s tomorrow and an inch or two of rain. I spent much of the day cleaning out files and book shelves. It was hard to concentrate on my writing so I packed up 8 large grocery bags of papers to throw away and 6 bags of books to give away to a seminary student who needs them. They are great books, many of them new, but I won't be using them anymore. And I still have hundreds of books left on my shelves. I got rid of files because I don't expect to be ever teaching again, and those bags I took by kayak out to high ground where our car is parked. We'll recycle them this week. With that much gone, I feel more prepared to face the big flood if the water rises and decides to come right through our house. Life never gets boring here on the river.