Sunday, August 19, 2007


The past few weeks have been busy: 3 days, 2 nights in an upscale hotel in Palm Springs, speaking at a Ministry Conference of the Worldwide Church of God. They're wonderful folks and so very appreciative of our ministry. And, I do mean OUR. John joined me in one 2-hour session on "Three Hundred Years of Singing the Faith." We've presented versions of that before, but this time Ross Jutsum was at the keyboard, and what incredible talent he has. He's absolutely brilliant. Check out his website.

Last week we flew to Denver where I had a 1-day college in-service retreat with most of 50 staff under the Vice President of Student Affairs at Colorado Christian University. The topic related to my book Walking Away From Faith. CCU is an impressive place, and it was a good day of interaction on an important topic.

While in Denver, we spent a day and a night with our good friends Darlene and Kathy. The best part of our time together were our lively discussions (like the ones I write about on pp. 9-10 of God Talk). Second only to this friendly sparring was our breath-taking drive to Mt. Evans. We hiked near Lake Summit and walked to the peak of the mountain.

Here are some mountain goats stretching in the cold morning sun and a marmot enjoying the view.