Saturday, March 03, 2007


Cornerstone University here in Grand Rapids recently announced that it was phasing out tenured positions at the school--a move that will allow the university to more easily shuffle professors in and out of teaching positions. In light of this breaking news story, the Calvin College CHIMES published an article on Calvin's perspective on tenure. The new provost Claudia Beversluis commented: “A tenure track appointment is the most highly sought appointment,” said Beversluis. “People will leave other places if they can get a tenure track appointment. It’s longer term job security.” Well, duuuuhhhhhh. That's not rocket science. But when I spoke of my being removed from tenure track in an email to Henry DeMoor as being punishment of "extreme severity," he wrote back: "It is not clear to me what you refer to when you speak of 'punishment of . . . extreme severity.'" (March 8, 2005) Claudia has been in her position less than a year and she understands the system. Henry had been in his position some 3 years and he pretends not to know what tenure track is all about. Will someone please ask him about this? Will some of my colleagues come forward and ask how he could pretend that removing someone from tenure track is a routine procedure?