Tuesday, February 20, 2007


I was asked this past weekend if any of my colleagues had reached out to
me in any way. The answer is NO--no contacts whatever since I drove my
cluttered green mini-van out of the parking lot on August 31, 2006. I
do have connections with students, however. They have not abandoned me.
They warm my heart time and time again. Today I received an email from
a former student, thanking me for my book, "Left Behind in A Megachurch
World." He is now a minister in a "left-behind" church. He attaches a
review that ends with these words: "This is an excellent read. It will
encourage the person who feels “stuck” in a small church to appreciate
what they’ve got. It will also help the person who worships in a megachurch
to wonder if they’re really got it all. I love Tucker’s narrative
approach to this topic. She is a great storyteller, and introduces the
reader to a variety of stories that depict the “left-behind” church in
action. This is a book worth reading. You’ll never look at your church
in the same way again."