Sunday, October 01, 2006

Greeting from San Lorenzo

Yesterday, after an uneventful flight, we arrived in this sleepy old-world village about an hour from Venice. It's a little foretaste of heaven, at least that's John's perspective after tasting the local wine. Our loft bedroom overlooks wine country as far as the eye can see. We're enjoying the delicious Italian food in the dining hall that opens to the wonderful stone courtyard, flowers and palm trees under blue skies. Much of this afternoon we biked along narrow roads in the countryside through corn fields and vineyards, stopping by the town of Valvasone which sports a wonderful medieval castle and narrow stone streets bordered by ancient houses tightly bound one to another. So far, T-shirt weather. Tomorrow, the work begins--team-teaching a course to American College students: "Memoirs: Reading and Writing the Stories of Our Lives."


  1. Color me various and varied shades of envious.

  2. Well, this will be one for your memoirs! Have a great time! :-)