Thursday, October 12, 2006


I was just informed that CT has published an article about my situation--one that I understand will be published in the next hard copy issue as well. It presents the story very briefly--and without significant factual errors. The administration weighed in with its usual response:

CTS president Cornelius Plantinga Jr. called her move a "tragedy" and said the school had hoped to reappoint her as a professor. "There is another side to this story," he told CT, declining to reveal details about the "confidential personnel issue."

I have the administration's complete set of documents, all 257 pages. I have shown them (and will continue to show them) to anyone who requests to see them. There is no other side of this story--unless it is their accusation that I did not join the CTS community for chapel in 2003 (which actually is not even true).

The article also states: "Kathy Smith, CTS director of continuing education and a full-time faculty member, said CTS leaders have supported and empowered her work."

Since my story has gone public, CTS has been claiming to have additional women professors--one source stating to me that there were "now six or seven women on the faculty." There are women who are listed as adjuncts but none are "full-time" professors as I was.

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