Sunday, July 08, 2018

Summer Fun

Today we headed out to Lake Michigan (a 45 min. drive) and hiked in three of our favorite Ottawa County parks, Kirk, Rosy Mound (where John is looking down over the 100+ steps he just climbed) and Linear Park along the channel in Grand Haven, were we sat on a bench, ate our lunch and watched boats head out to the Lake. After we arrived home we sat out on our dock on the River and read the Sunday paper. I also touched up some things on our funky "totem" that we designed to mask our river birch tree that the township nearly destroyed to protect high line wires. Below is a pic of daughter Laura who drove up with Bob from NC this past week to spend time here in Michigan with both sides of their family. Tomorrow we're taking a day off from the Gardens and plan to go up north to Leelanau County for more hiking along the Lakeshore. It's beautiful weather these days but way too dry.