Sunday, January 14, 2018

Big Bend 2018

Last week's annual trip to hike in Big Bend National Park in Texas on the Rio Grand Border with Mexico was different from any other such trip we have ever had. In November John had hip replacement surgery due to a congenital condition, and in December he had a heart attack that was not diagnosed until about 10 days later at which time a stent was inserted to open an entirely blocked artery. So our hikes were not quite as rigorous as usual---fewer steep inclines. But we had a wonderful time and already have a cottage reservation for January 2019. Here is John with Sarah, John and the kids before our trip South. I've captioned the remaining pics except for the last. Too bad I don't have a good camera---or just an iphone. This was the most stunning rainbow we have ever seen---saw it on our way out of Big Bend after we had crossed Hwy 90. The sky was a very dark navy blue, the rainbow brighter than we had ever witnessed, but the most amazing aspect was that it touched the ground hardly more than a football field away. A white trailer was parked nearby in a field, and the rainbow touched the ground in front of it so that it colored the trailer. I've seen many rainbows in my life, but they've all appeared to be on the horizon.
Pedernales State Park, Texas

Big Bend Basin Rim Trail

Big Bend, Grapevine Hills