Friday, July 07, 2017

Storm Damage at Carlton Gardens

A big storm rolled into West Michigan last night. No damage at our house be we found a real mess when we arrived at the Gardens this morning---so many limbs down that we couldn't get in the driveway. Amazingly none of our yard art was damaged except for one small item, but our Wisteria vine structure was badly damaged and a big limb came down near the chapel. I called Carlton and by 1 pm, he and John had cleaned up a lot and got the vine structure back up---about have the size it was yesterday. The power was out so we closed up and returned home and then drove out to Lake Michigan to hike----saw a lot of damage on the way out and back, some houses with trees crashed into them and heard on the news that a man in Grand Haven was killed when a tree crashed into his house. Here are a couple of pictures of our mess, which seems hardly worth noting compared to what happened elsewhere.