Friday, June 02, 2017

Environment Matters

John and I contribute to several environmental organizations---mainly related to smaller west Michigan groups, always hoping that our little effort can somehow help the planet.  Last night I sent an email to our Grand Rapids Mayor, hoping to be one of many who contacted her. This morning we received a response from her assistant:
Dear Mayor Bliss,
We hope you will stand up for the Paris Climate Agreement along with other cities. As mayor we hope you will speak out immediately. As residents of Grand Rapids, we want clean air and water and an environmentally safe place to live.
We would hope that a bonus to our standing with other concerned cities would increase our convention business and tourism.
Please speak out on this soon.

Hello, Ruth and John.

Thank you for your email — we appreciate hearing from you. We also appreciate your engagement around climate change and the President’s decision to withdrawal from the Paris agreement.
Mayor Bliss signed on to the mayors statement this morning.
Thank you again for taking the time to contact our office.