Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Tucker Benchmark Diet

Hey, guaranteed to work.

In March I was waiting at a pharmacy and sat down for a quick blood pressure test. I've always had low blood pressure but this time it was elevated----not alarmingly so but enough to scare me big time. Mom had high blood pressure and was on a walking regimen and diet, having lost more than 25 lbs.  I think she would have lost much more had her life not been cut short in an auto accident.

So I had to figure out how to get more exercise and lose weight. A diet was the hardest part, but then I invented my own. I eat the same meals I had eaten before, but I always keep in mind the benchmark of what I was eating March 12 and before. I began consciously eating less except for certain occasions. So I could say I sometimes cheat, but there is no cheating on this diet----unless I were to eat just as much as I used to all of the time. If I were to follow this diet even half the time (or a third of the time), I'd still be losing weight, and now I follow it without thinking.

For example, John and I have a variety of different h'ordeuvres that I fix almost every day when we arrive home from the Gardens. Today this was my plate:

Less than half the lime chips, Swiss cheese, salsa,  cream cheese, and olives that I used to have on a larger plate. And I'm perfectly satisfied.